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Subtle Spirits 6 Year old "Paper Trail" A Blend of Straight Whiskies 750ml


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Paper Trail is a blend of straight bourbon whiskey and straight rye whiskey distilled and aged at Midwestern Grain Products (MGP) in Indiana and finished and bottled in California. It is comprised of portions from five different barrels and three different mash bills, all aged a minimum of six years. The resulting 116-gallon blend contains 70% straight rye whiskey and 30% straight bourbon whiskey. Though the blend is a majority of rye whiskey, combined it yields a cumulative mash bill of 51% corn, 45% rye, and 4% barley grains. That is because the majority of the rye whiskey used is ‘low rye’ rye mash, and the majority of the bourbon used is ‘high corn’ bourbon mash. Does that make it rye or bourbon?

The whiskey shows a beautiful burnished color. Sweet aromas of honey, cornflakes, caramel, and raisins emanate from the glass. After a little time, the aromas develop into darker tones which evoke flavors of vanilla bean, kola nut, cacao nibs, and freshly cured oak. The palate shows a slight sherry influence with flavors of dates and red currants, then the bourbon influence comes back to the forefront with more caramel corn notes. The finish is smooth and rich with a lingering spice on the finish.

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