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Dewar's Double Double 27 Year Blended Scotch 375 ML

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The first use of this unique 4 stage aging process since 1901 Dewar’s 7th master
blender, Stephanie MacLeod, inspired by A.J. Cameron, the creator of the world
famous ‘white label’ blend, took on the challenge to make our smoothest blend to
date by resurrecting A.J.’s unique 4 stage ageing process created in 1901.

This ultra premium range of aged blended Whiskies represents the ultimate level of


In stage 1, single grain Whiskies are aged (all separately) in oak casks. The same
happens for the single malt Whiskies, they are aged separately in oak casks.

In stage 2, grain whiskies are blended together and then placed back into casks to
marry and age longer. The same is done to the malt Whiskies. The malt and grain
whiskies are not blended together at this stage. One effectively has two separate
batches a single malt batch and a grain Whisky batch.

In stage 3, these two batches, grain whiskies on one hand and malt whiskies on the
other, are blended together and placed again in select oak casks for a further period
of marrying in predominantly ex Bourbon, American oak casks.

In stage 4, the blended whisky is finally finished for a further period of maturation in
specially selected ex Sherry casks, these are ex Palo Cortado Sherry casks.

Rated 97 by Ultimate Beverage Challenge
Aromas of fresh buttery biscuits are toasty and light. Impeccably smooth in the mouth, subtle cooked grain notes quickly turn into deep, bold flavors of toasted nuts, browned butter, and toffee brittle with hints of dried fruits coming through. A powerful and delicious whisky. (Chairman's Trophy) (Top 100 Spirits) - 2020 ULTIMATE SPIRITS CHALLENGE

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